3d edition: 30 SEPT - 4 OCT 2015



The International Film Festival in Châlons-en-Champagne and Suippes is now a key gathering for cinema and history enthusiasts, not to mention those with a keen interested in World War I during this period of Centenary commemorations. Over 5,000 festival-goers attended screenings at the first year of the Festival in 2013, followed by 9,500 in 2014! We can expect to welcome audiences of 10,000 this year, given the quality of this year’s programme of events.

Officially recognised as one of France’s Great War Centenary events, War on Screen is a key highlight among the events taking place in Marne and Champagne-Ardenne this year. Our region was hugely affected by this war and is still deeply scarred by its aftermath.

By approaching the Great War from an artistic standpoint, the events and screenings provide a better understanding of the global impact of this tragic event and put it in perspective with other conflicts, in particular those affecting the world today, while opening the screenings up for debate. One outstanding film on aviation in Marne will be screened for the very first time.

Over 80 films will be presented, including a number of previews. Talks and networking events will be held with the various artists, filmmakers and media representatives who will be coming to Champagne.

War on Screen is a unique festival internationally and the only event of its kind to be held in Champagne-Ardenne. Beyond its cultural and historic merits, it offers an opportunity for visitors to discover the beauty of our region and to forge links with the town of Suippes: links that remained strong with Châlons during the Great War.

We wish to thank the organisers for their tireless motivation and endeavours which, as you will surely appreciate, have been outstanding.

We wish everyone an enjoyable festival!

Benoist APPARU, Deputy and Mayor, Châlons-en-Champagne

René-Paul SAVARY, Senator and President of the General Council of Marne

Jean-Paul BACHY, President, Region of Champagne-Ardenne

Bruno BOURG-BROC, President of the Township Committee of Châlons-en-Champagne

Jacques JESSON, President, Pays de Châlons

François MAINSANT, President of the Community of Municipalities of Suippes

Jean-Raymond EGON, Mayor of Suippes


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