Spanish Civil War

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Pays France

Film length : 13 min

Language(s) : French

Genre : Documentary




On 26 April 1937, the small Republican Spanish town of Guernica was bombed by the pro-Franco army and burnt to the ground. This is the first time in history that a civilian population has been attacked from the air in this way. Taking a picture painted by Picasso in 1937 as its starting point, the documentary gives an account of the atrocities of the Spanish civil war and fascism, while also looking beyond the painting. War is dealt with metaphorically through words and pictures, with paintings by Pablo Picasso and poetry by Paul Eluard read by Maria Casares and Jacques Pruvost.


Technical data

Director Alain Resnais, Robert Hessens
Scriptwriting Paul Eluard
Music Guy Bernard
Cast Maria Casares, Jacques Pruvost
Source Les Films du Jeudi

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