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Réalisateur GARY CHAPMAN

Pays USA

Film length : 75 min

Language(s) : French

Certificate : 7+

Genre : Fiction

VALIANT (2005)



England, 1944. The outcome of the war rests on the feisty daredevil “pilots” risking their lives to pass on messages to France: they are… the pigeons! But the legendary Royal Homing Pigeon Corps is being decimated by the German falcons and only one group of “blues” remains in training. Whether it’s Valiant, weedy and clumsy, Bugsy, who is only in it to make his escape, or their idiot companions, none if them are ready for combat. England’s fate rests under their wings!


technical data 

Director Gary Chapman
Scriptwriting Jordan Katz, George Melrod, George Webster
Photography John Fenner
Music George Fenton
Cast Ramzy Bédia, Éric Judor, Richard Darbois
Production Vanguard Animation, Odyssey Entertainment
Source SND

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