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Pays USA

Film length : 197 min

Language(s) : English with French subtitles

Genre : Fiction



Italy, 73 BC. Spartacus, a slave sentenced to fight as a gladiator, is spared from misfortune by one of his companions in a fight to the death. More than ever, this respite kindles a spirit of revolt within him and, breaking out of his chains, he beckons the other slaves to do likewise. Soon leading a huge army behind him, Spartacus intends to reach the port in the south of the country and take to the seas aboard ships bought from Cicilia. But this does not go down well with the Roman Senate who send their legions in pursuit of the mutinous slaves...

“This is the only film that was not initially Kubrick’s creation, but he still leaves his mark, appropriating the rules of the epic genre to then go beyond them with greater effect.” - Philippe Rouyer, Première



Director Stanley Kubrick
Scriptwriting Dalton trumbo based on the novel by Howard Fast
Photography Russell Metty
Music Alex North
Cast Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier, Jean Simmons
Source Swashbuckler Films

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