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Horaires de la séance de 16h30 à 18h15

Lieu de la séance Lycée Bayen

Réalisateur ODEN ROBERTS

Pays USA

Film length : 82 min

Language(s) : English with French subtitles

Genre : Fiction


french preview - the director will be present at this screening


On the brink of the 2007 U.S. troop surge, two Army Recruiters face,he daunting pressures of recruitment while their own deployment is on the line. Sgt. Harris (Lew Temple) has been stationed in the recruiting office long enough for it to feel like home.
Based on true events. Set amongst a team of Army recruiters stationed in an everyman enclave of middle America in 2007, it is a dark, disturbing take on the swirling maelstrom of national pride and muddied morality that swept through the US homeland post-9/11.

director : Oden Roberts   


NYU graduate and award winning director, Roberts is the recipient of the San Francisco Film Society KRF grant for writing and directing for his feature film "A Fighting Season". Past winners include Cannes and Sundance winners "Beast of the Southern Wild" and "Fruitvale Station". Roberts is know for his social justice and awareness films in which he's executive produced, "Antartica: A Year On Ice" and "Sea Shepard: Faroe Islands". His company codeX, is a leading commercial and new media company in Los Angeles. (The-codex.com). "A Fighting Season" is his feature directorial debut and and has earned him Best Director at the Byron Bay International Film, 2015.

technical data 

Director / Scriptwriting Oden Roberts
Photography Michael J. Burke, Oden Roberts
Editing Krisztian Majdik
Cast Clayne Crawford, Lew Temple, JB Majors, Jim Hechim
Production San Francisco Film Society, Thunder Digital Media, Troy Entertainment
Producer Andy Troy - Executive Producer Rodric David & Alex Reed

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