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Pays Germany

Film length : 110 min

Language(s) : German with French subtitles

Genre : Fiction

13 MINUTES (ELSER) (2015)


french preview


It is 8 November 1939. Adolf Hitler addresses the leaders of the Nazi party in Munich’s Bürgerbräu beer hall. A bomb goes off but Hitler, along with Joseph Goebbels, Heinrich Himmler, Martin Bormann and others, have left the area several minutes earlier. The attack fails. Captured at the Swiss border while trying to escape, Georg Elser is arrested and transferred to Munich to be questioned. There was nothing about this unassuming carpenter that marked him out as someone who would commit such a foolish act, but his indignation in the face of the regime’s growing brutality awakened the ordinary hero that lay inside.




Born in 1957, Oliver Hirschbiegel left school to take a job on a boat. He later returned to his studies at the Hamburg Academy of Arts, before concentrating on photography and video.
In 1986, after writing his first screenplay,
Das Go! Projekt for the German TV channel ZDF, Oliver Hirschbiegel made several TV movies.
In 2001, the director graduated to feature films with the thriller "Das Experiment", inspired by a terrifying study carried out at Stanford prison in the 1970s. A great critical and public success, the film won prizes at a number of festivals.
Three years later, he tackled an extremely delicate subject in "Downfall", which focused on Adolf Hitler’s final hours in his Berlin bunker. Adapted from the bestseller by Joachim Fest, "Downfall" was one of the German box office’s biggest ever hits, won numerous awards and was nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2005.
 Oliver Hirschbiegel radically changed register with "Invasion" in 2006, an adaptation of a sci-fi classic, starring Nicole Kidman and Daniel Craig. In 2009, "Five minutes of Heaven", about the Troubles in Northern Ireland, received the World Cinema Directing Award at the Sundance Film Festival. In 2013, he directed Naomi Watts in the biopic "Diana". Oliver Hirschbiegel also found great success with his direction of the first four episodes of the famous "Borgia" series in 2014. "13 Minutes" is his first German film in over nine years.

technical data

Director Oliver Hirschbiegel
Screenplay Fred Breinersdorfer, Léonie-Claire Breinersdorfer
Photography Judith Kaufmann
Sound Steffen Graubaum
Editing Alexander Dittner
Music David Holmes
Cast Christian Friedel, Katharina Schüttler, Johann von Bülow
Historical Advisor Prof. Dr. Peter Steinbach
Source Sophie Dulac

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