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Born in 1966, Thierry Guitard is a French cartoonist and illustrator.

Having illustrated fanzines since the early 80s, he published his own fanzine, La Pieuvre (“The Octopus”) in 1990, and regularly exhibits his drawings and prints at bookshop and gallery Un Regard Moderne in Paris. His distinguishing strokes take inspiration from wood engravings, contrasting with the vivid dyes that he uses to colour his quirky, unrestrained world tinged with dark humour, poetry and social criticism.

Since 1992, he has produced illustrations for newspapers and magazines such as Libération, Rock & Folk, Nova, Marie Claire, Politis, CQFD, The New Yorker, etc, as well as illustrating novels by a number of authors (Jack London, Gaston Leroux, etc.).

Various of his works such as the cartoon Double violence and the graphic novel La Véritable histoire de John Dillinger touch on themes of poverty, injustice and prison.

He is also the artist behind a number of CD and record covers for performers such as Pat Kebra, Trouble Juice, Fred Alpi and Parabellum.

In 2011, he produced a 3D animated short entitled "Les Pauvres" (Cargo Films), followed by "La Misère" in 2015 (Red Lion Production).


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Visual conception and illustration by Thierry Guitard, animation by Sarah Bramard, music by Philippe Bachman



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