The aim of the Poitiers Film Festival is first and foremost to capture the emergence of new forms of cinema, to identify new screenwriters, and to offer audiences the chance to discover the rich and diverse range works from across the globe which, in a variety of ways, raise that age old question of cinema as the epitome of art forms.

Being there at the very time and place that the future of cinema is being constructed, that new forms of writing are being experimented with, at this unique time of learning and apprenticeship, when, without the constraints of production costs and needs, young directors can try anything, build narratives and experiences, free themselves from the rules that they may be in the process of shifting, is both a stroke of fortune and an opportunity that makes these Meetings so valuable.

The success and worth of the Festival for young directors or producers is unequivocally demonstrated by the great number of films that we receive at the pre-selection stage from all 5 continents: 1412 films from schools in 70 countries for this year’s festival, from which 50 films will be selected for the International Competition.

The topics and issues tackled by these young filmmakers are diverse. The economic, social or cultural reality of their countries, from which their fictional scenarios develop, often serve as the backdrop to their films. They may deal with issues around the relationships between generations, the family nucleus, the world of work or the armed conflicts that are ever present in today’s world. On the latter topic, we have chosen films of diverse origins, inspiration and making to bring you our selection for this year’s War On Screen programme.

Luc Engelibert, CEO Poitiers Film Festival



ERIC (2014), Andrew Lee - Australian Film Television and Radio School, Austalie
BÄR (2014), Pascal Floerks - Filmakademie Baden - Württemberg, Allemagne
JOURNEY OF A FREEDOM FIGHTER (2014), Mohammed Moawia - The Freedom Theatre Film Unit, Palestine
MEMOR MORTIS (2014), Sebastián Palominos - Instituto Profesional ARCOS, Escuela de Cine, Chili
HOME (2013), Ruslan Magomadov - High Courses for Scripwriters and Films Directors - Russie

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