The number of short films submitted to War On Screen shows no sign of waning, with more than 180 this year. And making our selection is all the more difficult as a result. All the more so given the even more striking diversity of approaches to our topic seen this year compared to previous years. Animation films, making up half of our selection, are likely responsible for the increased number and greater latitude of submissions, but not exclusively. Syria, the former Yugoslavia, Afghanistan and the Great War are all covered, and often in unexpected ways, but zombies are not to be deterred and, unbeknownst to many, are a particularly ubiquitous phenomenon of 1950s France. The history of warfare is also given an unexpected twist. The number of short films foretelling future wars is an indication that they are far from a thing of the past, but our Belgian entry is not alone in taking a reassuringly light-hearted view.

The BEST SHORT FILM AWARD is delivered by a jury composed of high-schoolers passionned about cinema and presided by Etienne Labroue

Etienne Labroue, who cut his teeth as a director on French satirical shows Les Guignols and Groland, has made a number of short films and recently presented his first feature-length work at the Etrange festival: L’Elan (“The Moose”) is the story of an elusive fluffy creature with a moose’s head.


BENDITO MACHINE - Jossie Malis Alvarez (2014) - Espagne

BUY OR DIE - Ulric Leprovost (2014) - France

INVASION - Hugo Ramirez, Olivier Patté (2014) - France

L3.0 - Alexis Decelle, Cyril Declerq, Vicent Defour, Pierre Jury (2014) - France

LE DERNIER DES CÉFRANS - Pierre-Emmanuel Urcun (2014) - France

POUVOIR AUX ROUX - Maxime Pistorio (2014) - Belgique

SULEIMA - Jalal Maghout (2014) - Syrie

TERRITOIRE - Vincent Paronnaud (2014) - France

THE NOSTALGIST - Giacomo Cimini (2014) - Royaume-Uni

TIŠINA MUJO - Ursula Meier (2014) - France

UNCANNEY VALLEY - Paul Winninger (2014) - France

VÅBENBRØDRE - Cav Bogelund (2014) - Danemark

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