Younger Audiences

Children are more often the victims of armed conflict than they are instigators. But even in these troubled times, life goes on, as children find a way, through friendship, family and the pursuit of their passions, to get through the trials and tribulations inflicted upon them.

As an example, "The Colours of the Mountain" tells of the passion for football that keeps Manuel going in his mountain village of Colombia, a passion which serves as a reminder that sport and war are often associated with one another on film. Ziad does all he can, despite the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to save his giraffe in the beautiful work "Girafada"
"Valiant", before joining the royal homing pigeon corps in this film of the same name, is already an intrepid flyer with nothing stopping him. The film leads us perfectly into our retrospective on aviation.
In "Adama", featured as a preview screening at the Festival, is a story of fraternal love. The bond between two brothers is of unparalleled strength, to the point of endangering their lives on the front line.
While the rules of warfare of all too well ingrained in our lives, they raise a smile when a group of children choose to adopt when their honour is at stake in Yves Robert’s marvellous film "War of the Buttons". Here, through play, children put up a fierce defence, making the values taught to them their own.

Emile Zola emphasised the power of passion in his Correspondances 1887-1890: “Passion is still what best helps us to live our lives”.
Passion and fraternal bonds appear in all of these films both as means to get through day-to-day hardship and as a real way of counteracting violence in the world.


WAR OF THE BUTTONS (1962),Yves Robert - France

VALIANT (2005), Gary Chapman - USA

THE COLOURS OF THE MOUNTAIN (2011),Carlos César Arbelaez - Colombia

GIRAFADA (2013), Rani Massalha - France/Palestine

ADAMA (2015), Simon Rouby - France

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