The only festival entirely dedicated to the representation – through fiction, documentary or news report– of past, present and future conflicts, be it real or imaginary, returns for its third. It embraces all genres, from comedy to spy thriller, from science fiction to historical epic or social drama.

With the backing of French actor and film director Albert Dupontel as Festival patron since its creation, The festival returns for its third year with two international competitions (feature and short), retrospectives, spotlights, European and World previews and special screenings introduced by a series of remarkable guests, an extended programme for younger audiences, panel discussions, master classes, not to mention workshops, video games and Art exhibitions.



Founded and supported by La Comète National Stage, in close collaboration with the County of Châlons, the main part of the festival will take place in the localities of Châlons-en-Champagne, and Suippes, supported by a programme of cultural outreach and arts education initiatives throughout the county and beyond. In establishing such intimate ties between the festival and its rural setting, one which forms a unique part of the country’s landscape, the event aims to breathe new life into an area that has been deeply affected by conflicts both past and present, and hence purge while at the same time treasuring history that still blights the region.


As an internationally unique arts and culture initiative, the festival plays a significant role in raising the position and allure of the Champagne-Ardenne region. The event brings its own unique insight into the philosophy of all film makers who, since the very invention of the medium, have employed the language of cinema to invite reflection upon the world’s conflicts, foster a better understanding of the human, political, military and social driving forces behind those conflicts and promote a spirit of peace.






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